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Our Latest Collection
Swing Bearing

We bring to you Swing Circle Bearings of exceptionally high Quality and Precision. Thanks to years of know-how and broad expertise in the field of metallurgical processes and metal materials, excellent Engineering and R&D using CAD systems, numerous design innovations, quality controls at every stage which covers the entire complexity of the production process - the result is extended service life and increased load capacity of every Bearing we sell.

We are proud to bring to you Swing Bearings with one of industry’s longest service life. The same are trusted by many Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) as well.


Undercarriage – Track Parts for Excavators, Bulldozers and other track type machines are our speciality, and we are proud to be amongst India’s largest stockists. We offer a reliable and economical solution to any Undercarriage need.

Our sourcing is from the world’s finest manufacturers only, who mainly supply to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Every part we sell has been built to the performance specifications required for the most rugged application. We ensure you get the Undercarriage Parts you want, the Performance you need and the Value you deserve.

The ITR undercarriage line is studied and designed in the Engineering and R&D Departments of the USCO Group using CAD systems and with the collaboration of partner universities. A fundamental characteristic of the ITR undercarriage product line is that its production is entirely managed in-house: from design of the component to the choice of material, through to production. Numerous quality controls are carried out starting from raw material purchasing based on the know-how and expertise in the field of metallurgical processes and metal materials. Broad expertise covers the entire complexity of the production process from die-casting to heat treatments to the assembly and painting lines.

We are proud to be ITR Undercarriage’s Exclusive Distributors in India.

We Stock:

  • Track Shoe Assemblies
  • Track Link Assemblies
  • Track & Carrier Rollers
  • Idlers
  • Sprockets & Segments
  • Grouser Shoes
  • Recoil Springs & Track Adjusters (Tensioners)
  • Track Bolts + Nuts
  • Track Guards

Rock Breakers Parts

Breaker Tools

ITR offers a complete range of breaker tools for various applications. All tools are manufactured from top quality alloy material, machined and heat-treated to achieve excellent mechanical properties for various applications in construction, mining, quarrying and demolition industries.


Diaphragms, Dampers & Seal Kits

Made of special rubber for resisting shock and vibration in operation.


Pistons, Front Heads and Back Heads

Manufactured with processing methods including cutting, heat treatment and polishing


Through Bolts, Side Bolts & Nuts

Manufactured with precision and high tensile strength.


Chisel Pins(Locks), Stop Pins

Both round and oval type available for all types of hammers. Manufactured with high grade steel to provide improved strength to tool and front head.

Ground Engaging Tools

We bring to you Ground Engaging Tools (Wear Parts) from the world’s finest factories. Our Vendor  has extensive experience in this field for over two decades. They supply teeth, adapters, fasteners, cutting edges, cutting tools and more. The extensive range covers Direct Replacement Parts (DRP) suitable for most major OEMs.


Premium Range

Our premium range of Ground Engaging tools gives you a full range of mining parts that are highly competitive in the mining market. The premium range is a selection of most suitable Tooth SHAPES for your specific application. Better by design, better in performance.

Cutting Edges & Blades

We offer a wide range of Cutting Edges, End Bits and Blades sourced from the finest factories in the world who are among the best manufacturers in the world. Greater strength and higher resistance to wear and impact determine the quality of these ground engaging tools. These properties also form the basic requisites to ensure economy and optimum value for money.

Our Cutting Edges and Blades are designed using Special Steels for optimum cutting and wear resistance. Better by Materials + Better by Design = Better in Performance.

Buckets & Rippers

Using special wear steels and research based innovations in design, our products are characterized by high wear resistance and unmatched strength.

Our products last over 40% more than standard products… We invite you to try them… And assure you will experience the benefits of the difference.


A diverse range of Hydraulic Parts and Components which include complete Pumps, Motors, their repair parts, Valve, Cylinders, Seals & Kits, Hoses, etc. are stocked by us for off-the-shelf delivery.

We are specialises in internal parts of popular models such as HPV102/116/135/145, A10VD43, A8V55, A7VO250, K3V63/112/140/180, M2X146/170/210, K3SP36, GM09, etc.

  • Hydraulic Pumps (Piston, Gear & Vane type)
  • Motors (Swing & Travel)
  • Travel Reduction Gearbox
  • Internal Parts of Pumps & Motors
  • Rotary Groups and Cartridges
  • Cylinders
  • Control Valves, Joysticks
  • Relief Valves, Spools
  • Cylinder Seals & Kits
  • Oil Seals
  • Hoses, Fittings, Elbows, Adaptors
  • O Ring Kits
  • Pressure Testing Kits
  • Etc.

Engine Parts

We stock a diverse range of replacement Engine Parts – mainly for foreign make engines. Our range is sourced from some of the world’s leading manufacturers – offering best value for money.


  • Cylinder Heads
  • Pistons & Rings
  • Liners
  • Valves, Locks
  • Camshafts
  • Connecting Rods
  • Turbochargers
  • Engine Bearings
  • Crankshafts
  • Gaskets & Kits
  • Filters
  • Fuel Injection Parts
  • And more

Transmission Parts

We carry an extensive range of high quality transmission products that meet the performance expectations. This is only an overview of our capabilities.

Excavator’s Swing & Travel Device Parts

Gears & Parts for Pump Devices

Transmission Torque Converters, and all their related components.

Gearbox Parts

Friction Discs and Plates for Gearboxes and Steering systems

Cardan Joint Shafts & Universal Joints (Cross)

Final drive Pinions, Ring Gears, Axles, Bearings, Carriers, Covers, Casings, etc.

Differential Satellites, Pinions, Crown Wheels, Cross

Pieces, Cases, etc.

Fan Belts


Pumps for Converters and Transmissions, Gear Pumps.

Oil Coolers & radiator

We have a wide range of Oil Coolers, Radiators and Aluminium Heat Exchangers to suit requirements of different equipment. Specific products could also be developed against drawings.

The need for efficient cooling (especially in a hot climate as ours) is highly important to prevent the damage to the rubber parts, causing the entire hydraulic system to under-perform, and result in frequent downtime.

Paver Parts

We import high grade Rubber Parts for earthmoving and Road Construction machinery. We have Track Pads for Pavers, and Buffer Rubbers for Vibratory Rollers

The ITR spare parts line for road pavers is the fruit of continuous product research USCO Group puts into practice every day. This new line has found fertile ground especially after USCO’s joint venture with Heavyquip, a North American company with a large division specialised in paver parts. USCO is currently able to supply spare parts, complete frames with polyurethane or vulcanised rubber pads, primary and secondary conveyor belts as well as picks for the main cold milling machines brands. Added to this is a complete offer of ground engaging tools for pavers and relative screed, from conveyor belts to augers, plates and tamper bars with relative heating rod.

centrifugal pre cleaners

Benefits & Features :

Removes up to 92% of impurities, rain, debris, dust and dirt from intake air before the air - reaches the filter element

Greatly extends filter element life by up to 2-8 times

Reduces engine wear & minimizes costly downtime

Prolongs engine & turbocharger life

Improves fuel economy

Increases engine performance & reduce operating cost

Self powered by the engine's air intake

Virtually requires no maintenance

Treated & powder coated steel housing to endure harshest environments

Works in all weather conditions

Applications :

  • Construction Equipment
  • Mining Equipment
  • Generators
  • Road Maintenance Equipment
  • Cement Plants
  • Air Compressors
  • Equipment operating in extreme & dusty environments
  • Agriculture, Farm Equipment
  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Dump Trucks
  • Buses
  • Logging and Foresty Equipment

Electrical parts

A very wide range of electric material is available, we have starter motors, alternators, solenoids, coils, relays, sensors, etc.

Starter motors:
complete units and component parts, large variety of models and applications available.

complete and component parts, regulators, pulleys, belts, bearings, speedometers, contact keys, light switches, etc.

Governor Motors / Stepping Motors
Relays, Starting Switches
Digital Hour Meters
Pump Controllers
Solenoid Valves


Our Special Products

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